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I think it would be cool if the AT-AT could transport units, thats what its name means doesnt it All terrain armored transport? (if this is wrong please tell me...) this way troops dont have to worry about those pesky rebel speeders or snipers and travel in style in an AT-AT until they reach the enemy base and are unloaded to storm it together, so the At-at could have a driver, gunner and like 10 transport positions, of course to balance it if that AT-AT is destroyed with all those units in it... ouch

I like that your removing the pilots weapons TK, it didnt fit them any way, just give em a pistol, fushion cutter, and maybe the ability to set up Health and Ammo droids? just a suggestion.

Another idea i had is to give each of the normal soldier a speacial ability to make it kind of diffrent, like the rebels get some kind of explosive thing, a timb bomb? or maybe just extra grenades to fit with there terrorist nature, while the imperial storm trooper could get a single heath and ammo packet because they are better supplied then the rebels. i dont think it would make them to over powered because, if your in the middle of combat whose gonna remember to use the health/ammo packet? just when there far from help and need the boost. or maybe there gun could have a "stun" feature

All the ideas sound great though!!


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