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First impressions? Well right away I was thinking they had made some great improvements, all of which people have already mentioned. I've played about 16 hours so far.

But after the 'new game glow' wore off, I felt like the game was tedious! I can't believe it...I loved Kotor 1 and thought I'd love this one too. I don't.

I think they tried to make the game feel 'bigger' so they dragged out most of the missions to be huge and it actually just feels like I'm running all the damn time....Boring!!
I don't expect things to be handed to me or have the objective right next door but my god, do I have to run back and fourth between 2,3,4 areas over and over? I left one planet just to try something different, I was so sick of running up and down the same city street.

The conversation cut scenes are screwed up. I'm talking to the back of people's heads about half the time. Or if they just finished fighting or doing somthing, I could be talking to the top right corner of their head and not their face.

Over all they did make some great new improvements but it wasn't finished.

Conclusion...Obsidian is not BioWare.

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