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Originally posted by Astrotoy7
Q. Name 3 music groups that appear in the movies..... For two, name all their members(nb. the ewok racket will *not* be accepted)....

BONUS 2 POINTS : PICS of 2 of these groups...
ok...I know LF has been down, but this question has been up long enough....

* * *


1. Figrin Dan and The Modal Nodes - The Bith Band from ANH. They actually make a cameo appearance in Medstar II.

2. The Max Rebo Band - This band was upgraded with backing singers and a screaming yuzzem called Joh Yowza in ROTJ : SE

3. Augie's Municipal Band - from Naboo. They play that crap ending music at the end ceremony of TPM.

I wont bother with pics....

* * *

a new question....

Q. Name 2 aliases Mara Jade has appeared under in her EU travels


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