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Originally posted by Rogue Nine
Hey, I don't get to ask a question? When did this become a dictatorship? I DEMAND EQUALITY AND AUTONOMY! VIVE LA REVOLUTION! ARRRRRRR.

A. The Rand Ecliptic was Biggs Darklighter's first post after earning his commission from the Imperial Naval Academy. It was captained by a Rebel sympathizer who staged a mock mutiny and helped Biggs in his defection to the Rebel Alliance. I remember reading about it in the Empire comics a few years ago, not quite sure when.

Now can I ask a question, herr Fürher?
Firstly, correct !

Secondly, it was becoming too common that when an answer was provided there was was no follow up question. I choose to keep the ball rolling and asked a question.

It's easy. If you want to ask a question but havent thought of one yet, just say so

eg. I'll be back later with my question ! watch this space...!!

or of course, if you dont want to ask a question say you pass on doing so....

leaving it blank leaves it open for anyone to ask a question. This just happens to be me most often because I agreed(upon suggestion by others mods when I proposed this) to drive the thing along. That is why I am always excluded from the points tally

but I'm certain you knew all that !

* * *

So Niner, ask your question!!


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