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Well, mayb e the first time, I did, i finished it as LS, in 25-26 hours; the second time, as DS female, i spent 36 hours, ten more than the first time, I made Atton a Sith, and went TOTALLY to darkside, i finished nearly all the sidequests (except for Batu-Rem, who never showed up, and the Vogga's Treasure, because I danced before time...)

And I never totally skipped a dialog, except for the Wookie and Twi'lek speeches.... I gained complete influence over Atton, Kreia, Visas, Hanharr, T3-M4, I think....

....Maybe I skipped a planet or sth.... Korriban SIth Academy ISN'T open on both sides, is it????????

The fisrt one, by "runnig trough it" I couldn't finish it before 45 hours, and that were by completing ALL sidequests, and swoop-races.... and tournaments...

And: YES, I always used Force Speed, from the first levels.

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