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ok 1st impressions

well my 1st impressions when i fist started playing was this game is excelent

but i have completed it now and as much as i intend to replay it there were a few problems so i gonna give u some of my pro's and cons


almost everything is upgradable and everything is breakdownable to make something else

you get side missions by talking to other people on the planets you visit not by just talking lots to the npc of your group

the capacity of level ups for you character is much better

the story is compelling


the sith lords were way too easy to beat

the 'plot twist' was spoon fed to you from the beginning so that when it came it was no surprise mind you at one point i was half expecting kriea to say to the handmaiden "No I am your Mother" and "together we can rule the galaxy as Mother and Daughter" but it didn't happen shame

the game kept crashing every couple of hours but lucas arts are already working on a patch to solve the bugs as we speak

getting to do extra side missions by talking to people outside your group was good but i kinda missed being able to do side missions by talking and getting to know your group members

i did enjoy having to hunt for bits for my lightsaber at first but in the end it did take way too long it was a good idea but obsidian dragged it on too long, abit like haveing to fix hk was good but then it took to long

feats there weren't enough yes they added more but for the amount of level ups your character had i was running out of feats and powers to give my character


i did enjoy the game but as it has previously said it felt more like an expansion pack than another game keeping many aspects the same was good and i am not argueing with that decision but the game does feel as if there was more that could have been done

i'll give it a 7/10 where as kotor 1 would get 12/10 from me lol

So long and thanks for all the fish

I pity the fools who have not played kotor
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