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Well I'm new to the forum but I will toss my thoughts into the fray.

I like the idea behind the story I think it has a ton of potential. I thought it was really well told up until about the 3/4 mark then it sort of derailed. I was left with quite a few questions, probably looking for the answers lead me to here.

I terms of game play I liked the new powers. I liked the new robes, I like the Kreia character. I didn't like the character development with all my other characters, there were only a few instances of conversations that were done with rather briefly. The influence thing is nice but difficult to get high influence with all your characters. I guess it gives some replay value.

The ending is hmmm..... not done.... to me is just seems so open ended and IMO just doesn't fit with the Star Wars line of story plots. It just seemed anti climatic. Maybe I expected too much.

I like the game a lot I just think that it needs to be polished up.
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