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*The Cardinal looks at Tony with distaste.*

Cardinal: You will perform 10 penances.

*Edward turns to Christopher.*

Edward: You are not part of this meeting, get out.

((Nothing personnal.))

*Everybody returns their attention to the Pope.*

Pope: The situation.... has changed. *Gestures to the Cardinal.*

Cardinal: We have been observing this woman for several months, after conducting a background check we believe she is essential to our efforts is stemming the Tide.

*He hands both knights a folder, inside it are survalence photos of a very pretty Arien women roughly eighteen years old. Among the documents this information is highly relevent.*

Name: Lucy Bowman

Age: 17

Location: London, England.

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5' 7"

Edward: She's a very pretty girl, may I ask why she is so important.

Cardinal: She is Nephilem.

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