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"Acleacius, what catalyst are you using (one for the driver and the one for atioglxx.dll). Also what is your ATi graphic card?"

I am using the 4.11 Cats, I dont think Omega has a 4.11, (I did see a DNA 4.11), for KotOR TSL.

I am using the the Omega 5.1 (no 5.2 yet) and my card is 9800 Pro for all other games.

The author of the Omegas has fine tuned the OpenGL drivers to a degree ATI have not been able to (to the best of my understanding) so all OpenGL games are seeing vast improvements in performance, nowdays.
The one exception seems to be KotOR series (maybe other older games too) which probably is using an older instruction set (I think) and since the engine is on its last days, I can only guess Lucas Arts decided it is not worth the effort or the engine just cant be fixed within reason.

"Thank you so much"

Hey no prob, I am just glad it worked.
Nothing takes the fun out of a great game quicker than crashes/bugs, Ekkk!
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