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Name: David Boyle (hopefully soon to be McLelland because i wanna use my mother`s maiden name_

Age: 17

Location: Wales UK

Occupation: None at the moment, still looking...will work for peanuts

Hobbies: pc games, TV, music and manga/anime

Favourite Music: Korn, Deftones, In Flames, Disturbed, A little bit of bjork, some random anime theme songs and such blah blah

Favourite Games: Kotor one and two, Unreal tournament 2004, Morrowind perhaps, and Halo one and two

Loves: Coke, Pepsi, THE INTERNET!!! some random people i know aaand my mother

Hates: my father, some random people i know, little punk kids, slightly bigger punk kids, punk adults...jerks in general really...and...uhh...Faggots...i absolutely despise faggots (not the group of people who are homosexual, the actual big meatball things, yeuch)

Random facts: I'm Bisexual (Don't hate me for it, or you will have an assload of flaming on your hands...and an angry lesbian) I am scottish, don't get in touch with my family much, used to be picked on alot...i guess im a nice guy, but i`ll let you be the judge of that, smart but an under acheiver

I wanna be a HK unit when I grow up
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