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Finally finished...

Rather than keep hitting the spoiler tag every other paragraph, I'm just going to hit it all at once, with one exception at the very end:

I thought that the game was generally well done, although I was kind of disappointed with Malachor V. I wish that they were more explicit with the endings for the NPC's, like Atton, Bao-Dur, and especially Mira because I really liked them and wanted to find out what happens. Here's my guesses:

Atton, Bao-Dur, Visas, T3, HK- 47, Visas - stay on Ebon Hawk, escape with you; help repair the ship

Mira - dies when Malachor V explodes or whatever; doesn't make it to the Hawk in time [biggest disappointment here]

Handmaiden - remains on Telos at the Academy after you face off with Atris.

Disciple - Didn't get him. Sorry!

Mandalore [cool character!!] - re-gathers his warriors after the Telosian assualt / Ravager and returns to Dxun.

I especially liked seeing Col. Tobin [or whatever his name was] on the Ravager. It kind of bugged me that he was left unresolved, and BOOM, he shows up again and ties that whole plotline together... Very cool.

The planets were different enough for my tastes in terms of situation, background, people, and events - not the same as KOTOR, where everyone is just worried about the Sith. Everyone on each planet seems to be very concerned with what is going on in their neck of the woods instead of the exact same thing everywhere.

I was a little bummed by Darth Nihilus's development [or lack thereof], but didn't sweat it too much.

I was right about Kreia - I saw her 'fall' coming a mile off, but the actual event itself was terrific. I had no idea she would dominate the 'Jedi Masters' like she did - That was awesome and really, I thought, may have been the best part of the whole game. Good job to the Obsidian staff!

Overall, a great game, although the general weakness at the end for explaining what happens to everyone else knocks it from a A- to a B.

But I have one further complaint...

Is it just me, or did they really amp up the sexuality in this game?

From Atton's opening remarks to the PC after you find clothing [as a female character, which I'm playing now because I want to see what the Disciple is like] to sparring with the nearly naked Handmaiden, the exchange with Mira about wanting to bunk with her when she joins the party, and finally the infamous 'charge up her boarding ramp' line, I was very disturbed at the overall amount of sexual content in this game and don't know if I could let my kids play this... if I had kids. I realize that most of the people that play computer games are younger than I and aren't as discerning as I am, but I would positively have died of embarrassment if my wife had walked in on some of what I mentioned above...and my wife is pretty tolerate of what I play. I was *extremely* disappointed with Obsidian / LA in that regard. A few innuendos may have been funny or enjoyable, but it got way out of hand.

Star Wars is one of the few places that I can go to for innocent enjoyment - and one of the few things that I don't mind watching or whatever with friends or kids or even my parents - but now I have to be careful with SW as well. It's a sad day for me.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just getting old, but I would prefer that this kind of stuff be left out of SW altogether, because there's enough trash on television, in other videogames, and in the movies that I know to avoid. I used to be able to recommend SW stuff wholeheartedly, but I don't think I can do that anymore.

So what I would have given an A- or B+ rating drops to a solid C because of that.

Any additional thoughts?

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