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Clan Name: 215
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Leader: There are no leaders in 215, just equals.
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Story of our clan: We are an XBOX console clan. We all met while playing MOH:RS on the PS2 console. Tired of playing against subpar competition, we decided to form our clan in February of 2004. Because of the way we were treated before becoming a clan we decided to just use some arbitrary clan name that meant nothing really, basically being anti-clan. 4 of our members are from the Philadelphia area so we went with a Philly area code. We amassed a record of 110-46 and won several tournaments. Bored with MOH:RS we moved on to SW: Battlefront on the PS2. Because of the issues with this game we moved on to Killzone. We had a few matches on this and were still looking for a game that we could all be happy with. This lead us to giving the XBOX world a whirl and we now play GR2 and SW:RC. We are currently 13 strong and we range in ages from 23 to 56. Our main concerns are maturity and having fun first.
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