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Great Library of Constaninople

*The Revenant descends the stairs, into a great chamber filled with books. Quiet scholars go about their research. A man in brown robes approaches the Revenant*

Archivist: How was Cairo.

*The Revenant does not answer*

Archivist: He wasn't there was he?

Revenant: No.

Archivist: And the portal?

Revenant: Decades old. Stupid kids messing about with ouija boards most likely.

Archivist: We've got news from the top. Something big is about to go down.,

Revenant: How big?

Archivist.: Apocalyptical. Something so scary that three Fortune 500 CEOs just comitted suicide. Press think's its a fiancial scam gone wrong. Truth is they're scared. The illuminati is about to come into the light.

Revenant: And with them...Marcus...

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