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Skill Ratings in addition to Kill Ratings

I'll admit that I'm fairly new to online games, but I've quickly become addicted to BF and pretty proficient at it as well. In the past 3 months or so I've enjoyed many of the games I've played online, but not all. I understand the occasional team killer will pop into a game, and I deal with it. I understand that at least once every few days I'll have to mute a player or two who are obnoxious, rude etc. And just as of this past week almost every game I've played has involved many players who have nothing but a Halo 2 mentality. Kill, kill, kill with no concept that capturing Command Posts is one of the most important aspects of winning the game. Yes, by now many are getting bored of the deathmatch games of Halo 2 and want to move on. They come into a game like BF that requires some strategy, as well as proficiency in using various weapons or vehicles and they fail miserably. It makes for a stressful game to be on a team of 12 players and only you understand the importance of the narrator constantly telling you to ''destroy the shield generator'' or ''protect the techno union ships''. And worse yet, none of the other players will even listen.

What would seem to help would be to balance out the ''kill'' numbers with other objectives accomplished. For instance, why aren't there awards for Command Posts captured? Or Shield Generators destroyed? Even making capturing CPs worth ''X'' number of kills and so forth. Even nicer would be to use CPs captured, along with kill numbers and so on to rate players. By rating players one could get get into Optimatch games that are with players that are similiar in experience that you are. It would also give you an incentive to get even better (play more) so you can continue to play with the same players as they progress in skill. It would certainly eliminate those who play a lot from having to deal with those who are mostly playing for kill egos or even to be distractive and even abusive.

What led to all of this was playing for several days in a row this week where none of the players had a clue as to what the game was about or how to play. And worse, wouldn't even listen. To end up being the only player on Hoth trying to destroy the Shield Generator (without an AT-AT even) ends up not making the game worth playing at all. This happened on every map and almost every game for several days this week. Fortunately, every now and then I could find a game where some friends were playing and the game ended up being fun, interesting, etc. as usual. But I see as summer approaches and children are home alone all day, and Halo 2 players getting bored of the DeathMatch games of online that BF will become even harder to enjoy.
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