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(Back guys, Looooooong Vacation)

Name: Beta 38
Age: 5 (I am a clone)
Faction: Republic
Weapons: Rocket Launcher, 6x Mines, 4x Plasma Gernades, Blaster rifle, Blaster Pistol.
Skills: Anti-Tank assault, Aiming, Speed.

Once Beta 90 gave the word we scrambled to hit the enemy. A shreak came over the Combat Radio, "Ack, any avaible squads close to my location, 5 AAT's are closing in! We need what ever help we can get we are being ove---- BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ." The Channel went dead. I looked for the location, and what I saw starteled me. "Beta 90 sir, think you should take a look at this!"

Sniper all the way!

I am 50% addicted to Porn. What about you?

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