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The Official SW Saga Trivia Thread !

Hello All. I run the EU Trivia thread over at the EU forum, but have had requests to try one specifically about the films. I am also interested to see how it goes, so here we are

Some very SIMPLE rules

1. Ask Star Wars MOVIE questions only. Episode III questions ARE NOT PERMITTED until after May 19, 2005 Therefore feel free to ask about *any* of the other movies until then

Nb. I will also allow questions about The Clone Wars Cartoon Series

Anyone who asks 'Ewok Adventure' movie questions will be shot !

2. In asking a question be careful that it doesnt stray too far into EU. You can ask for character and locations names (for example, no one calls Mace Windu "Mace" in the films, but we all know his name So try and keep it directly movie related

3. ONE ACTIVE QUESTION AT A TIME- If you are reasonably confident of your answer, feel free to ask the next question. If details of your answer are incorrect, this will be clarified and may affect whether you are assigned points.

therefore, if are only speculating you CANNOT ask a question
eg. Hmm.. I think you are referring to Mace Windu, but im not sure

If you dont feel like asking a question or have gone blank, just say PASS and anyone else can ask a question


5. A TALLY will be kept of posters and their number of correct answers. Unfortunately no cash prizes are available for the winner

* * *

Lemme start !

Q. Name each instance of when someone said "I have a bad feeling abou this" in the films. Who said it in which film ?


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