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Two ways to correct the hyper threading problem for Grim Fandango (XP user)

This has been addressed in other posts but it isn’t quite clear. There are two ways to correct the hyper threading (HT) problem with Grim Fandango:

1. While the game is running go into task manager (CTRL+ALT+DELETE) , click on “Processes” tab, right click on GRIMFANDANGO.EXE, left click on Set Affinity, uncheck CPU 1 box and then click OK. (This doesn’t work sometimes)

2. Patch the GRIMFANDANGO.EXE using imagecfg.exe. Here’s how:

a. Download imagecfg.exe at (Thanks to both sites for providing this):


b. Place imagecfg.exe into same directory as GRIMFANDANGO.EXE (usually C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Grim).

c. Create a backup of the GRIMFANDANGO.EXE (copy and paste it somewhere else)

d. Open command prompt (Click on start menu, left click “run…”, type cmd)

e. Change directory to the same directory that GRIMFANDANGO.EXE and imagecfg.exe are now in, for example type: cd C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Grim

f. Type the following: imagecfg -a 0x1 GRIMFANDANGO.EXE this will patch the executable file so that it runs on one CPU.

Have fun I hope it works.

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