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Originally posted by Darth_Kismet
Q: How many characters appear in more than one movie?

Bonus: Who are they and what are their races?
Heh...weird question.... not counting things like Rodians and Jawas

1. Luke - Human Male/Tatooine farmoy/Jedi
2. Leia - Human Female/Alderaanian Senator
3. Han - Human Male/Corellian
4. Chewie - Wookiee Male
5. Yoda - Male/Race Unknown
6. Vader - formerly anakin shywalker
7. Obi-Wan Kenobi - Human Male/Race ?
8. Boba Fett - Clone of Jango Fett
9. Admiral Piett - Human Male
10. Jabba the Hutt - Male Hutt
11. Jar Jar Binks - male Gungan
12. Senator Palpatine/Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine - Male/Sith Lord
13. Count Dooku - Male Sith Lord
14. r2D2/c3po
15. Nas Amedda
16. Ki Adi Mundi
17. Mace Windu
18. Plo Koon
19. Padme Naberrie - Human Female/Naboo
20. Schmi Skywalker - Human Female

Im not counting ppl like Bail Organa because they have only appeared *once* so far

I hope thats close enough I know ive probably left out a couple of jedi council members, whose names escape me

* * *

I'll ask a new question to keep the ball rolling

Q. Lando bragged about a nifty manoeuvre he pulled off in which battle ?


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