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Originally posted by Darth Obsidian
First of all OBI-WAN IS A HUMAN!!!!!!!

And you forgot DENGAR!
King of trivia? My lightsaber(s) could ask better questions than that

And you'r a moderator, for shame. When you start a forum (or a website) be shure you know wat you are talking about! because now that I am here you will be eaten ALIVE!
First of all, he said Obi-Wan was human. I think he meant race as in planet of origin, or planet of origin of ancestors. Much like we have 'races' despite being one species.

What movie other then ESB was Dengar in? Please enlighten me. Where did you pull that 'king of trivia' comment from? His question was much better then the 'how many' and 'list every' questions that are more exhausting then challenging. I can count, I'm a SW expert!

What does being a moderator have to do with anything? He didn't start the website/forum. Regardless, he is a mod at the EU forum, of which he does know a lot about (not that he doesn't know a lot about this).

Well, that was off topic, but I couldn't help it.

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