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Ah, Darth Obsidian. As I did state, Obi was indeed a human, that constitutes his species. His race is ? This would of course be what planet he is from. There were confusing statements about this on EU, as it was originally stated in the ROTJ novelisation that he was Owen Lars brother, which of course was refuted by AOTC

No need to be rude, re "king of trivia" biz, but is not an entirely inappropriate description, as I have taken on the task of running two trivia threads

The best place to show us how good you are is to participate in this and/or the EU trivia thread. It will be great to have another knoweldgeable member around, but play nice

thanks Rhett for doing cleanup, and that "brain trust" of JK mods wondered why I asked for mod status in here when I wanted to start this thread

Now *please* keep content on the *questions* only....Like Garvin Dreis said to Wedge Antilles during the trech run :
"Cut the chatter !"

* * *

Shok Dengar is indeed in ROTJ, lurking in Jabbas palace. It is important to note that as he was the person responsible for saving Fett later on. He also was seeing Manaroo as well, one of Jabba's dancers

* * *

now I believe the current active question is, a patented Darth Obsidian Fisher Price counting task
Q: How many Zabraks are in the arena scene in AotC

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