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I dont think that was exactly what Naomi was getting at.

I think that getting an opportunity to use Mixnmojo's space to create a fan site brings with it some small smidgen of responsibility to the fan community. The Dig Museum has some awesome content, especially the images you have made. Those are the kind of things that really make a site special.

However, as was somewhat apparent from the beginning, the problem everyone has been having is the lack of reverence or censorship used on the Dig Museum. Being a fan of the Dig myself, I would love to see a thriving online community centered around a cool site that serves its audience.

When I go to the Dig Museum, as a fan, I do not want to hear volumes of rantings about site politics, or hear personal opinions. That is what forums are for. I want to see game related news, maybe some more of the cool content you have shown so far, some fan art, etc. A great example of this are the monkey island sites, MI Legend and Word of MI. Both of these sites have vibrant atmospheres, and part of what makes them special is the fan participation.

The whole "golden ticket" idea might be cool, if it encouraged people to contribute to the site or community, and make it a success. But it could, and seemingly is, turning into a personal tool, as the site has been used in the past. You will quickly find that not everyone finds your personal exploits quite as entertaining as you seem to think they are.

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