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Regarding The Dig Museum things that Dtt talks about:

Right now this is a TRANSITIONAL SITE!!! Get it?

I can dance naked in it if i want! (it's not in my plans though)

When we LAUNCH The Dig Museum, you'll see more things than you would expect to see in fan website about a game. LOTs MORE!

I'm facing this project more seriously than anyother site I've seen so far. The Dig Museum is the result of an outstandig professional research.

But in the TRANSITIONAL SITE is just to have some fun. You don't have to see it if you don't want to, If you are in our mailing list then you will all receive the official announcement of the release date.

No one is paying me for publishing all the information I have, I'm doing all this site for free, so if the only thing you all are going to do is complaining then I rather publish The Dig Museum book and sell it.
So if you are not going to help then sit quietly and enjoy.

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