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usually when carrying a sniper rifle, my secondary weapon is my belov'd concussion rifle.

I don't see the point in switching weapon right when you see a close combat foe, in the time it takes to pull out the new one, you'll be hurting pretty badly, so, i just start hacking away with my sniper rifle, i mean sure, it has a slow ROF, and sure its a pain to aim, but i'd rather die fighting then die switching weapons.

and if you manage to hit them with the sniper rifle, and they don't die, you can be sure a hard wish willl kill them, so thats when you whip out your fun weapon, you don't even have to aim well, you will kill them, i mean, i just grab my conc and start shooting, usually just the outskirts of the AE will finish them off... not to mention, it's FUN!!!!

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