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Originally posted by VampireNaomi
I'm sorry. My previous post was written without thinking. To put everything in a nutshell, this is my problem:

There doesn't seem to be any room for criticism here. When someone says something negative about your or the site, you

a) snark at them
b) play severely insulted and get sarcastic
c) state that your site is the only The Dig site in existence and therefore you have the right to do whatever you please

The "We're back!" thing that you posted on the site was funny and I liked it until I came to the part in which 8 of 12 "entered" the conversation. The message I got was "Hey, let's all mock and make fun of this guy because he disagreed with the webmaster!". Not particularly funny, in my opinion.

Well said!

Haha take that psycho-boy! =)

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