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Name: Alpha 14
Age: 25
Fraction: Rebublic
Weapons: Reverse-Polarity Pulse grenades, Heavy Blaster rifle, and an ASN-121.
Skills: Speed, well trained sniper, Stamina.
Weaknesses: Destroyers and Dwarve Spider droids

Alpha 14 ran out of the Republic Gunships and fired out two rounds at a squad of Super Battle Androind troops. Alpha 14 was ruthless to even his teammates. Alpha 14 caught up with a stubborn wookie who wouldn't give up his Bowcaster to a ammoless clone. Alpha knocked out the Wookie and told the clone to move. The Battles Droids were coming in with portable launchers to destroy the capture the east base. Alpha ran to the East base but was ambushed by a platoon of Battle Droids..

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