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Zetas thermal detonator exploded scattering droid parts everywhere, he rushed forward with his fellow clones toward the beachead through the forest, suddenly two STAPs appeared zig zagging through the woods they blasted several clones before going heading back to the landing site.

"let them go!" Zeta 42 called, "Were needed on the beach!" suddenly a group of super battle droids that had managed to break through the beach head attacked, "Get Down" a commander called "AARG" he screamed later as a rocket blew him into a tree knocking it over, using the tree as cover Zeta 42 and the surviving clones begin fighting back. Zeta 42 blasts two droids before hearing a strange mechanical sound,

"Look out!" someone calls before the blast cannon from a dwarf spider droid blows there wooden cover to bits and sends the clones flying, Many of the clones dont get up but a few are still able to fight, of them Zeta 42 he crouches behind a tree and shoots down three droids and then blasts at the dwarf spider droid, but its no good, there outnumbered. Suddenly a with a roaring howl a group of wookiees emerge and begin attacking the droids, perhaps theres hope after all...

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