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I don't like and I don't encourage FanArt and even less Fanfiction. I think it's a very uncreative way of expresion. One thing is making a parody or something like that, but fanart is something I don't like at all.
I've seen only two or three fanart things that where good, but they tend to be an exception.

I do encourage fan's participation although I don't consider The Dig Museum to be a fan website. But I support the participation of those who like the site and The Dig. And by doing The Golden Ticket people is participating and having fun.

"Who knows the art, the characters, or the stories better than the people who have played them lovingly for years?" That's easy. THE CREATORS! the people who created them!
Dear FanArtists:
If you want to write a novel about The Dig then get the propper authorization from LucasArts and if it's really good then get a real publisher to publish it, and sell it, and make yourself rich, and laugh at us. And then, and only then, I will respect you.


The Dig Museum is intended to stay as it will stay once it has all the info about The Dig in existance. It's like a real museum. Do you see any Leonardo Da Vinci FanArt in the Louvre Museum? I don't think so.
People keep visiting museums even though they always (at least some of them) have the same exibhition.
So The Dig Museum will remain mostly as an historical document, like a virtual museum that anyone can visit.
I have other projects planned for the future I'm not going to dedicate the rest of my life to The Dig. And once the site is finished I will only update it when there are new features or new interviews, or free candys or whatever. The Dig Museum will remain alive by itself. Because it's a living being, it's already alive, it talk to me. I wish he didn't.
Most of the people like what I'm planning to do, most of the creators of The Dig like what I'm planning to do. And that's all the inspiration I need.

"Now that I know what your opinion on that is, I'll probably draw something for Razputin's Domain instead."
Now who is the immature? You are like a little girl who cries just because she dropped her candy. Calling for attention.

"No, you are not God."
No, I'm not a God, I'm a semi-god. and not ANY semi-god...I'm THE MODERATOR...and I can laugh like this: HO HO HO!

"Yes, there are other people in the world with good ideas too."
Yes, but It seems you are not one of them.

Sam has talked!

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