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Wow. Now I honestly don't know what to say. I never expected you to post a comment such as that. I guess I'm shocked. And extremely disappointed.

I thought you were aiming at creating a living fan community. But now I know that the only thing you expect us fans to do, is to comment on what YOU have put up and praise YOU for doing it. EDIT: wow, that was immature. I apologize.

This may very well be the most immature post I have posted during my time on LucasForums, but the hell I care.

And I don't see how you can hate fan art and fanfiction. Unless the artists/authors are making money with it, I don't think there is anything wrong. They demand just as much creativity and work as original content.

If I write The Dig fanfiction, I have to get all the facts right. I can't just make things up and I also must make the characters sound like themselves. I can't make Brink walk to Low and say "What's up, buddy?". That would be lousy writing. Same with fan art. The characters have to look like themselves. Fan art and fanfiction are just as creative as, let's say, creating a fan site around something.

And about my immature fan art comment. I was aiming at the kind of things you post all the time. Perhaps you now understand how immature you sound?

But this will probably turn into another argument if I continue, and frankly I don't feel like that now. Keep you site the way you like it, and I'll leave to a place where I know that fans are appreciated. I hope we both end up happy.

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