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"Fanfiction: violating characters and locations that you don't own and placing them in your own twisted fantasies 'cause you're way too lazy and pathetic to make your dreams come true in real life."
I didn't wrote this. You did. The only thing you are doing is proving once more the kind of contradictory person you are, Vampire Naomi.

I'm not saying FanArt or fanfiction is wrong, I just don't like it and I don't encourage it.

I DON'T consider the audio drama, and the posters and trailers to be fanart. 'Vacations on Cocytus' is a parody NOT fanart.

I'm fully aware when I say immature comments, and I make myself responsible for them.

"But this will probably turn into another argument if I continue, and frankly I don't feel like that now. Keep you site the way you like it, and I'll leave to a place where I know that fans are appreciated. I hope we both end up happy."

It's not my intention the end up baddly, we just have very different opinions. I say what I belive is right, and you say what you believe is right.
And if you want to go to a The Dig site where fanart is appreciated then I recommend you to go to the best The Dig site there is (until we open): (GJ's The Dig Site)

"If it's supposed to be just a museum, why do you even have a news section at all?"
I DON'T have a news section.

"And why post stuff before the release of the site?"
Because I want to.

"Your attitude stinks, Valkian."
Oh, gosh. You are hurting my feelings!

"I won't say any more on the matter of the Museum until it is finally published. Then we'll see if it's really as great as you brag."

I have to tell you that you two or three or four are just a 2% of The Dig Museum visitors, the other 98% is very happy with the site. So I guess this forum is cursed. I will try to use my moderator powers to try to change that.

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