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FanArt & Participation

Okay I'm going to talk about FanArt more seriously.

I never said I hate fan art, in fact I did lots of things that could be considered fan art as a kid.
I learned to draw by drawing my favorite characters from TV series and comics.
My first novel or short story was just re-writing an existing story from a book and make in the first person (From the point of view of one of the characters).
When I was ten years old I did a series of Mortal Kombat comics (with horrible drawings) inspired by real Mortal Kombat comics and of course by the game from Ed Boon and John Tobias.
So in my opinion fan art (or whatever you want to call it) is a great way for starting yourself in any art form. But thatís it, you canít copy other artist ideas forever if you want to become an artist.
If someday (soon I hope) I publish a book, I wouldnít like seeing fan sites doing fan fiction with the characters I created in the worlds and contexts I created. And most of the authors I read donít like that either.

As I said, fan art and fan fiction are not bad, but itís like drugs, once you have some itís hard to quit. And fan art doesnít add much to art. Art needs creative an original people to come up with their own original and creative concepts.
So I, as an artist, donít want to encourage something that doesnít do any good to art. Fan art is not bad, but is not good enough either.

Since the very beginning The Dig Museum had as a philosophy to have only official material. Though there might be slightly exceptions, fan art is not one of them.
Iíve seen one or two guys (and girls) who did some very interesting The Dig art, but they didnít submit it to our site, I just found it digging around the web.
So far nobody has asked us or sent us any fan art on any art form. So I guess if someday I receive letís sayÖ 5 to 10 or more proposals or submissions of fan art, then I guess I could consider that possibility. Until then I guess there is no point on arguing about this.

How could a fan participate on The Dig Museum if it has a philosophy of ďno fan artĒ?
Well, I have considered this since the very beginning of the site. Visitors are going to be able to submit their own The Dig reviews to be posted in the REVIEWS section.
More recently Iíve been creating a new section where visitors can share their The Dig experiences. Whatís that? Well, for me playing The Dig was an unforgettable experience, and I would like to describe how was the very first day I played it and what where the things I was feeling, therefore telling my The Dig experience. So The Dig Museum is going to have a section where visitors can submit their own The Dig experiences.

Is there anything else to say? MmmhÖno, I think thatís all.

Oh, yes.
During the past six months, Iíve been doing almost nothing but working on The Dig Museum, working really hard.
So if you put yourselves in my position from a few seconds, youíll understand why I piss off when I see grumpy people complaining about everything.


Now it seems that everyone can do a The Dig site! There have passed 10 years since the release of The Dig! And there wasnít a single serious The Dig site. Now that I come here doing something good, everyone can do it better. THE HELL WITH THAT!

Dear Grumpy Minorities that hide behind nicknames, and live in the dark corners of forums,

You disgusting, pathetic rats, why in the hell donít you buy yourself a decent life? Why you donít start yourself in fire and though yourself through a window? I would love to shoot on your leg, so you would have to hear me sing Christmas songs until you canít take it anymore!

Well, thatís enough for now.


Sorry about that, but I mean it. Anyway, you can ignore that part of the post. If anyone has anything else (serious) to say, they are welcomedÖ

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