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Finally a serious post that I can reply to without fuming. Thanks.

I understand your point now, but I still have to disagree. Let me explain as rationally as I can.

So in my opinion fan art (or whatever you want to call it) is a great way for starting yourself in any art form. But thatís it, you canít copy other artist ideas forever if you want to become an artist.
It takes a talented artist to be able to draw good fan art. And I don't think fan art is copying, unless you look at an official picture and draw it down line by line. When one draws GOOD fan art, one should be able to create new positions and expressions for the characters, while remaining true to the original source. If one can draw good fan art, then it's a 90% chance that one can also draw good original art.

If someday (soon I hope) I publish a book, I wouldnít like seeing fan sites doing fan fiction with the characters I created in the worlds and contexts I created. And most of the authors I read donít like that either.
That's entirely respectable (I want to publish a book in the future too, by the way). I would be deeply honoured if someone loved my creations enough to base fanwork on them, but I won't jump on anyone if they disagree with that.

It's also considered polite to stop creating fan work (or at least posting it online) if the copyright owner doesn't like it. There are several authors, like Anne Rice, who don't appreciate fanfiction. But then there are people like J.K. Rowling, who think that's it's an honour -- as long as sex stories are kept on sites where children can't access them.

There is also fan work that is so absolutely horrible that it makes me sick to think about it. I'd give you a link to a site dedicated to mocking bad art and stories, but I don't know if you'd find it amusing.

Out of curiosity, do you know what the creators of The Dig think about fanfiction and art? Do they approve, disapprove or not care at all?

I like the idea of people being able to submit their own reviews. That's great as every fan has a different opinion. Those will be interesting to read.

I haven't been complaining about everything, you know. I like the trailers, for example.

It took me a while to realise what you meant by the immature part. I can tell you at once that I could not make a better site than you, because I suck at HTML and web page building. I'm only offering criticism when I see something I don't like. It's my right as a visitor to do that, and you have the right to react in any way you like. Sorry, I just couldn't ignore that part...

I feel pretty relieved that no one is arguing anymore, at least at this point. It makes me tired.

EDIT: Your moderator powers seem to have kicked in again.

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