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Bug in the Battlefront 1.2 update!

Ok, after spending 20 hours yesterday on trying to get Battlefront to work ok, including a full system reinstall with all windows updates, updating all Creative and Catalyst drivers and Battlefront STILL having the same bug I went to bed quite frustrated.

It didn't get better having recieved a couple of "support" mails from "" with each telling me that I either needed to update the graphics drivers or sound(!) drivers =(

Well, this morning an interesting thought appeared.

I decided to try one last thing.

I reinstalled Battlefront for what felt like the thousandth time, but this time *without* patching the game with the 1.2 update.

I found a couple of online servers accessible and lo and behold the bug was gone!

I played 6 maps to make sure that the light and contrast stayed as I had set it in the Video Options.

Everything worked as it should.

To test if it indeed is the 1.2 update that is causing this bug I updated the game with the 1.2 patch.

Yes, the bug was now there again! =(((


After all this frustration and wasting all this time trying to find a problem in a working system, it finally turns out to be the dang 1.2 Update causing the problems =(((

Well, now at least I know.

Uninstalling the game untill a fix for this crap is released.
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