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Weeeeeeell. Let’s jump right into it.

Bill Tiller likes fan art. “Some of it it’s real good” and he said that when someone does fan art based on some of his work he takes it like a compliment. But in fact that doesn’t surprises me.

What really disturbed me was when we (he actually) started talking about The Dig development, designers, the gaming industry, etc.
So I just ended up throwing names at him (game designer names) and he would tell me “things” about that person. “Things” I didn’t want to know…

So I guess Bill is a very honest and very sincere person. Really cool guy.

Anyway, it doesn’t change the way I think about fan art. Some fan art could be awesome, but I still prefer something new, original and creative.
I’m not against fan art, but I certainly won’t encourage it. So if with time I receive fan art, then I may consider doing a fan art gallery.
BUT if I do have a fan art gallery, I will only put the fan art that is really good.

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