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Im using the Final Fantasy format for my character...


Name- Gus

Apperance- (with cloak) (without cloak)
Also has two hidden, large bat-like wings

Class- Black Mage

Fiagra: Shoots 2 bursts of Fire at enemy
Blizzarga: Shoots an Ice Beam at enemy
Thundarga- 10 Lightning Bolts hit the enemy
Magic Orb- All of the above spells combine to turn his scythe into a huge sword. (Lasts for 5 min.) (not the guy, the sword)

Large Scythe:This ancient item can take lives and can control one's mind. Not always succsesful.

Height- 5' 11''

Weight-100 pounds

Eyes- Dark Green

Hair-Blonde, Spiked



Bio- A young boy, who is the guardian of the Light. Sadly, an evil man named Sephiroth erased his true memories and dragged him to the dark. He is a mysterious shady character...

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