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you want more? check the D&D covers!

Cool, about time someone did this.

Dont know if you have this on but there is an oakland CA book with a 1 page bio on steve and sam n max are on there too. I will try to get a pic of it sent soon, I have other stuff too I need to send pics of. Some REAL cool stuff.
Also he told me he did HERO 1-6 not 1-4
Also again :P I found a site while trying hard to look for more purcell stuff and he did some early D&D covers, here is the site

And i read he had some involvement with "fish police" comics
And you forgot "amazing high adventure #5" that he penciled...yet another animax but i own it :P
He also did the back cover on "Marvel comics presents #42"
He had part in "Wolverine #55"
and "X marvel #21" as penciler
Also just read about inking in "Mr. Monster's super duper special #1-#5"
"superman man of steel gallery" inkin was also rumored to be done by purcell
Heck thats a load for now,
Let me know if u need more info I probably have some more not listed
Dont forget fox kids and that wizard mag too :P
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