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Hey ! I wasnt being sarcastic ! I just thought that if he cant enjoy SBS then he shouldnt bother with the NJO and stick to something familiar, like Zahn and his *groan* over-recycled and over-used themes... yep, cool in 1990. But c'mon its 15 damn years onward now ! (and 20 in EU years !!!!)
My bad, friend. I'm inclined to agree that Zahn should just move on into something new, rather than tell us yet more about Thrawn and Co. But then, he writes quite well, even now holding his own fairly well (though I must admit that he's long since been passed in my mind by Stover, Luceno, and Denning).

Jacen was a punk in the beginning of the NJO, admittedly, but his ending more than makes up for it. Indeed, in many ways that beginning was a necessary prologue to his eventual domination. And, as cool a character as Anakin was, he could never have matched what Jacen accomplished, because he was never more than the blade, if you know what I mean. Jacen, on the other hand, was willing to do all it took, and for his journey to be truly satisfying, he had to have the time of "resisting the call." See Campbellian mythology for what I'm talking about. Remember, even Luke had that, back in the day of, "It's all such a long way from here." Without that time of rejection, the hero's eventual triumph is not so powerful.

The only disappointment to me with the NJO was the closure - and not because Luceno did a bad job, but simply because I felt another 100 pages would have helped him nail it closed.

In any case, my new chant is, "Bring on Dark Nest!"

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