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CIS Attack

This Rping thread is in EpIII when the CIS attack Corusunt (Forgive me if I spell it wrong). So Republic and CIS forces start the battle. Land and space are the optional battle-grounds.
For the Republic the battle is mainly defense. Hold Key postions such as the Jedi Temple, The Jedi Flagship, The Prosecuter, and the Republic Senate.

The CIS just have to capture those (But dont be a sinlge droid making your way, kinda make it fair for the others) but if the CIS lose their fleet or a large portion of their ground forces, they retreat, and another fight will begin.

- No God Modding
- No killing other players (unless you have their permission)

You will need to have this:

Specialtist: (This also counts for Class)

Heres mine:

Age: 2
Faction: Republic
Specialtist: Demolition, Commando.
Weapons: DC-17, EXP-157 Explosives Pack, Frag Grenades x10.
Rank: Sergeant

I was sitting in the briefing room waiting for the Commander, when suddenly a explosion rocked me hard off the chair I was sitting. I put my helmet on and grabed my gun to see what happened. Shortly after I got up, the alarm went off and a voice got on the com, "CIS Attack! They are Attacking Corusant! All personel man your postions! Oh no a Rocke-----" They com went silent and I headed out to see the destruction.....


Have fun!

Sniper all the way!

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