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If I'm the Empire I usually just grab that skiff thing and load it up with allies, then I head on over to the tuskan village, go the back way as your less likely to meet any enemies, once there unload your troops and order them to hold ground. With the bots to back you up you should be able to capture the post with little trouble, unless your really unlucky and a whole lot spawn at once. Even if you die the bots should be able to hold there own.

Once the village is taken the Tuskans are forced defend the Cisterns, you could fill up another skiff and try to take it out the same way but since they only have one post left there will be a whole lot more of them. I usually leave them alive just to pester the rebels.

The rebels really have a disadvantage, the Tuskans are right next to the rebel camps so they have to deal with them more then the empire. Try getting a large group to follow you, or taking a rebel speeder and use it to clear out the tuskans, then get out and capture it using the speeder as cover.

Basicly just get backup, They can help you take out the tuskans, help you capture the post faster, serve as fodder for the tuskans while you take them out and if you happen to die they might just capture the post, if there lucky.

Hope this helps, it usually works for me!

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