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- Race: Human
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Profession: Jedi Trainer

Formerly Darth Necron, was turned back to the lightside of the force by a child. He was going to kill him but was reminded of himself when he was the child's age, he then saw the great atrocities he has commited. This frightened him inside so much he is now a Jedi Master, able to use the Dark Side without fear of turning. This is because he knows the ins and outs of the dark side and now longer fears it, he understands it. After this he changed his name from Necron to Blaze. This is because when people heard is name they would flee in terror. He is no a Jedi Trainer at Luke's Jedi Academy on Yavin 4. He is a master of force enflame, a unique power that gives him the ability to control fire.


Weapon: Lightsaber, Blue
Armor: Black Jedi Robes, no cloak.
Left Arm: Personal medical computer, also a healing device.
Right Arm: A GPS-like device for directions as well as a comlink.
Belt: Strength and Mind Enhancer and Stimulator. Protects Chryon from mind affecting force powers as well as enhances his strength and perception.

Force Powers

Force Enflame
Force Lightning
Force Choke
Force Fear
Force Push and Pull
Jedi Mind Trick
Force Speed
Force Foresight: Visions of the future, similar to Yoda's ability.
Force Serenity: Gives him a state of calm that enables him to fight with regenerated vigor.

There is no death, there is the force - Jedi Code

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