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Originally posted by eastcoast2895

i think that george lucas said that there are probably other jedi than obi-wan and yoda that survive. but i just thought about it. anakin brought balance to the force, only two sith and two jedi exist. so i think there aren't any jedi alive only untrained force-sensative people so as not to destroy my precious eu, its already barely held togther without creative thinking.
I really don't think thats what is meant by 'balance'. I think it is more likely he brought balance by destroying both Dark Lords of the Sith. Regardless, Anakin could be responsible for there being only 2 Jedi, even if that happens after ROTS.

As far as destroying the EU, the EU seems to say that more then 2 Jedi survived ROTS, since they are making a book about the "clean up" of the remaining Jedi.

Yeah, you'd think the Emperor had come back to life or something.
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