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[TSL] Blaster Bolt Re-Texturing & New Blaster ammunitiontypes and baseitems Tutorial

If applicable could a moderator please move this thread to the proper tutorials section, thank you

TSL Custom Blaster Bolt and Blaster baseitem Tutorial

First of all you need Fred Tetra's Kotor Tool:
Download Here

and a .tga file supporrtive image editor, e.g. Photshop

and a Hex editor, I use this one, it has a nice "find" feature:

You should have comprehensive .2da editing, hex editing, re-texturing and .uti editing knowledge before you try and follow this dense tutorial

Step One: Locating Necessary Files

Open up Kotor Tool and following the following path:
Kotor II --> BIFs --> 2da.bif --> 2D Array

and extract the following files: ammunitiontypes.2da and baseitems.2da
(or just use the .2da files currently in your override)

Now open up ammunitiontypes.2da and take note of the following columns:

(model, model0, and model1)

Now choose which basic ammunitiontype you want to base your new ammunitions type on, for this tutorial I'll base mine off of the "Ion" line, row 2. Now take note of the model names from the columns I told you about. In this tutorial they are: w_laserfire_b and w_lfire_pb_b1.

Now, back in Kotor Tool follow the following path:
Kotor II --> BIFs --> models.bif --> Aurora Model
and search for the model files that you "named" above

Note that Kotor Tool isn't in alphabetical order so it may be hard to find.

Repeat the above step except find the .mdx models:
Kotor II --> BIFs --> models.bif --> mdx
Note that they should be in the same area you found them in the Aurora Model section

While you are extracting model files extract the blaster model files, both .mdl and .mdx, there wont be a picture, but they are near the bottom, I will be using w_blstrpstl_003.mdl/.mdx

Now extract your .uti file:
Kotor II --> BIFs --> templates.bif --> Blueprint, Item
and extract: w_blaste_03.uti

You should now have the following files:
ammunitiontypes.2da; baseitems.2da; w_laserfire_b.mdl/.mdx; w_lfire_pb_b1.mdl/.mdx and w_blstrpstl_003.mdl/.mdx and w_blaste_03.uti these are all the files you need except for the texture files which we will get later.

Step Two: Hex Editing the Blaster Bolt Models

Now open up w_laserfire_b.mdl with your hex editor and search for the line that contains the

"word" Fx_laser_01

You need to do two things with this; firstly you need to rename it, for this tutorial we'll rename

it this way "Fx_laser_98", you may rename it to whatever you want however even,

blasterbolt aslong as the same number of characters is maintained i.e. 11. Secondly just

remember it for when you extract the texture using Kotor Tool. Now after changing the "word" to

what you want, save your .mdl file and rename it, for this tutorial it will go from

w_laserfire_b.mdl to w_laserfire_m.mdl

Now open the w_lfire_pb_b1.mdl file with your hex editor. Now look for "fx_laser_02" and

" and rename them to, for this tutorial, "fx_laser_99 and

". Also remember them for later extraction, now save and rename your .mdl

file to, for this tutorial, "w_lfire_pb_mv.mdl, also be sure to rename the .mdx files to

match their corresponding .mdl files.

Now open up both of the model files you just edited, one at a time and locate and change all of the

lines that say "w_laserfire_b" to the same as the name of the file e.g.

"w_laserfire_m", do the same for "w_lfire_pb_b1" and change the lines to

"w_lfire_pb_mv" and save your files.

NOTE I'm not 100% sure this is necessary, but better safe than sorry.

Step Three: Extracting and Editing the Texture Files.

Open up Kotor Tool again, but this time take the following path:
Kotor II --> ERFs --> TexturePacks --> swpc_tex_tpa.erf --> F
and extract the aforementioned files: fx_flare01; Fx_laser_01; fx_laser_02

Also follow this path:
Kotor II --> ERFs --> TexturePacks --> swpc_tex_gui.erf --> I
and extract iw_HldOBlst_001 your icon.

Now open them up in Photoshop and re-texture to your pleasure, from what I observed, Fx_laser_01 is the normal blaster bolt; fx_laser_02 is the power blast bolt, and I can't put my finger on what fx_flare01 does . Now save them as the new names you gave them, e.g. Fx_laser_98; fx_laser_99 and fx_flare99, be sure to save them as 32-bit .tga files. That's it for texture editing.

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