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Step Four: Editing the .2da Files

Open Kotor Tool and click the .2da button and open up the ammunitiontypes.2da file. For this tutorial locate row 2, and right click and select copy, now go down to the bottom and right click and select paste. Now change the (Row Label) to 6 or the next number, cahnge the label to whatever you want I changed it to Mav_Ion. Change the model and model0 column to the edited w_laserfire_b.mdl that you made, so for this tutorial w_laserfire_m. Do the same for the model1 column except using the w_lfire_pb_mv.mdl file. You are done with the ammunitiontypes.2da file so take note of your (Row Label) number in this tutorial: 6 and save.

Now using the Kotor Tool 2da editor open the baseitems.2da file and locate row number 14 and again right click and select copy, scroll down to the bottom and in a new row right click and select paste. Now change the (Row Label) to the next number (111 in the screen), change the label to whatever you want, I will change it to Mav_Hold_Out_Blaster. Scroll over until you hit the column named "ammunitiontype" and insert you ammunitiontypes.2da (Row Label) number, e.g. 6.

Now comes the cool part, locate the columns "itemclass" and "defaultmodel" change them to something unique, I used "w_Mavhld" and w_mavhld_001. "itemclass" is your "tag" if you will for your menu icon, so now I can change it from "iw_HldOBlst_001" to "iw_Mavhld_001". "defaultmodel" is the model variation, so by renaming it I can change the extracted "w_blstrpstl_003.mdl/.mdx" to "w_mavhld_001.mdl/.mdx. Anyway be sure to save your .2da file and to change the name of your icon.tga and your blaster.mdl/.mdx to accomodate your new names.

Step Five: Editing the item .uti

Open Kotor Tool and hit Ctrl + O to open a GFF file, select your .uti file and follow the guide pic or you may enter your own info into the fields: THIS IS NOT AN ITEM EDITING TUTORIAL, you should really know how to edit an item before you attempt this tutorial. Anyway click on the baseitem scroll down and scroll all the way down to "Hold Out Blaster" *NOTE* for you to see this make sure that Kotor Tool looks in your override folder for 2da files and make sure that the .2da files we edited are in there. To do this go to Tools and Options and click the "other" tab and then check the "Look in override for 2da" box. Also change to modelvariation to 1 if it isn't already and the rest is up to you, e.g. properites, name, description, ResRef, tag. etc.

I hope that some of you find this rather dense tutorial helpful.


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