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Originally posted by Ranre
Not all Jedi had Clones on them, just the more experienced such as Obi-wan, Mace, Yoda guys like that.
I highly doubt that. Palpatine is no fool. This is a long time in the making for him, and he is taking every precaution. He knows that the only way he can rule the galaxy is to destroy the Jedi, and he knows that he would have catch them off gaurd to pull this off before they can go into hiding. There is no way he would let Jedi go off on a mission without making sure he has a large number of clones there as well. He knows that he has to take the Jedi down in one fatal swoop. There are only three ways that Jedi could have avoided the first stages of the purge: 1) fought there way past the clones to safety, like Obi-Wan and Yoda did, 2) left the temple while Anakin and his clones were en route, or 3) been on some unofficial secret mission that Palpatine doesnt know about. The last one is very unlikely, and the second one is not very likely. If any Jedi survived, it is most likely from fighting their way past the clones that were supposed to kill him/her, then escaping before they could finish him/her off.

Yeah, you'd think the Emperor had come back to life or something.
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