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i gotta disagree shok

there were still hundreds of jedis, and its not impossible to think that there were a few that got away. I mean Palpy was smart, but following that many is extremely difficult, especially since the council believed that the chancellor didnt know the exact plans of the jedi.
Besides they wouldnt release books that contradicted the movies so clearly after the movie was made. That would be stupid, i mean these books arent even written yet, so u cant blame the authors for poor writing or nething, its the ppl at LA who have the say on what will eventually become a novel, and im sure that they would have a good idea of how rots is panning out.
Additionaly the entire scene where obi and yoda disrupt the fake distress call at the jedi council would be unnecessary if there weren't any jedi left

oh and lando had his own novel trilogy, "The Adventures of Lando Calrissian".. and some of his story is also revealed in the Han Solo books. This lando business has been argued before in this thread.

I call him GAMBLOR!!
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