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Originally posted by DarthMoeller
Well, I thought I found the problem, but I didn't. You don't have to hex edit the gun model, do you? Just change the name to what i made in the baseitems.2da? There must be something that I'm missing.
You may have to hex edit the gun model file, this part I wasn't sure about because, again I used my own model, but if you hex edit the gun model tha only thing you would need to change are the lines related to the name:
i.e. I fyou extracted... w_hldoblstr_001.mdl and changed it to w_hldoblstr_055.mdl, then when you hex edit change all the w_hldoblstr_001 lines to w_hldoblstr_055.

Again, I'm nnot sure if that's the problem, it may even make it a bigger mess, but I don't have the time to test the tutorial, sorry

Edit: another thing to make sure you do, is when you are hex editing DO NOT change the length of a line, for example if the line says "fx_flare01" you can't change it to "flare" or to "fx_superflare5000" , only something like "mav_fire01" same # of characters

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