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Name - Kenkon Shen
Age - 30
Race - Human
Class - Force User


Height - 5'11"
Weight - 190 lbs
Hairstyle - Thin midlength tied back dreds, light beard.
Skin pigment - Brown
Markings/scars - Tribal tattoos on back


Outfit dark grey Jedi robes
Weapons Orange Lightsaber
Accessories/tools short blade, throwing knives, grappling hook.


Character History - Kenkou was born to an average human family, with average human proffesions. His father's dream was always to become a Jedi, but he had too many responsibilities to do such a thing, and so he vowed to himself, he'd give his son the chance, and as soon as Kenkou was old enough he joined the temple. At the age of twenty a travelling accident lead him to meet a Whills named Suddha. This small green elder nursed the Jedi to health using natural remedies. During discussion, the topic of the force came up. Suddha explained that neither jedi nor sith are good or evil, that they are both stubborn ways, the only way to truly master the force is to detatch ones self from these ways and study both of them evenly, maintaining balance, a middle way.

Kenkou stayed with Suddha for three years as he trained in the ways that the Whills lulled him with. And when he emerged from the planet, he was neither sith nor jedi. When the council learned of his survival, Jedi tried to bring him back to the temple, but he explained that he was no longer tied to the ways of the jedi. Under the impression that he had been absorbed by the dark side, he was exiled, and is hunted. He makes his money as a bounty hunter, using blade, and only drawing a sabre when confronted by a jedi or sith. His life is dedicated to the realization of this middle way.


Element Water, Wind
Further Description - Quiet and contemplative, he is the true observer, always watching his surroundings and taking things as they are rather then forcing them to change.
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