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Post Chime In! ( suggestions for the staff)

Greets All!

I just thought I should let you know that there's a new kid on the "chopping" block for the website

That's right, someone new to yell at.. hehehe...

I was invited to help out with the website, and well, ya' know me... I just can't resist messin' with HTML

Sure enough, as soon as I accepted, Darth333 started cracking the whip and put me to work... hehehe j/k

Since I'm new to the SWK website staff, I'd like to hear some feedback, suggestions, etc. on things you'd like to see incorporated on the site. We're wanting SWK to be the site to go to for your KotOR/TSL needs... so let's hear it...

I've already started on the NPC's and Feats/Skill sections for now.. trying to complete some missing sections, and doing some minor "facelifts" to the layout. So.. what's missing? What do other sites you visit have that SWK doesn't? Catch any mistakes in spelling or format? Now's your chance!

How about new additions? If you haven't noticed by now, I'd like to invite everyone to the "Featured Mods Section". Just an example of some of the new stuff being introduced to SWK!

Have you written a walkthrough or strategy guide you'd like to share? We want it! Know of any 'unlisted' cheat codes, glitches or easter eggs? Send'm our way!

Please keep in mind the site needs to stay in a "universal" format. There's alot of different staffers working over there so:

It's PHP based so please, no conversions to FLASH, preferably no DHTML, no embedded audio, no frilly (annoying) cursor trackers, etc. Limited Java acceptable as I can code/script Java (yeah, the one type of coding I understand)... but because of PHP, no header insertions will be performed (even though it's possible.. )

We want SWK to be the (your) 'sister site' to the StarWars Knights Forums so please chime in.

Anxiously awaiting...


p.s. this is suggestions for the website, NOT the LF Forums / Boards...

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