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Originally posted by MacLeodCorp
First, congrats to ChaiNz.2da the 'Laughing Man'...

What type of artistic license are you allowed with

Artistic license is basically, if they don't like it, they'll change it back to the way it was.. (always make archive copies of what you intend to change.. hehehe)...

Keeping it simple for starters. Right now, content and layout is most important. We're not changing the site's Navigation layout or look (as far as I know).. but we are making the content pages easier to read and get around in. A few minor gaphic treatments have been added as well...

You may have already noticed that Darth333 has cleaned up the Strategy/Cheats & the Tools section is now categorized and indexed

NPC sections now have content, and the skills and Feats sections are my next task...

One thing is trying to keep the site within the same overall 'look'. So we're also re-formatting the older pages to 'keep up with the times' so to say...

I'm under "gag" order Stay Tuned is all I can say... (you won't be disappointed)

However, to anyone, suggestions are welcome on anything... right now is the time to get the requests in since we're working on the site in 'full force'.. might as well implement the new stuff while we're at it .. hehehe..

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