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Really, when I saw those two wonderful building (I really admired them) still standing after such explosion I felt kinda relieved, I said to myself:
"Geez thank God that second plane didn't hit the same tower the other one did or else it would have collapsed"

I thought those towers were gonna survive that they would turn the blazes off, save more people and fix that tower to finally say:
"Look at this, who ever is responsable, look! We built it back it's even better than before and No one will take it away from us, NO ONE so f*ck off!"

But those vision I had went away. When I saw the first building collapse I said to myself that it was still there that it only got some more damaged but sadly no. Then I started to find a kinda unconfortable relief, the one's you feel arn't worth it, due to the fact that the second tower still standed but...well evryone knows what happened...

I was and still am so horrified and shocked watching those great and unique building fall down. I still can't imagine seeing new york without the WTC.

I feel so disgusted even though I'm not American...

Those bastards took a huge bite off the the big apple and someone is going to make them spit it out!<font size=1>

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