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Originally posted by DarthMoeller
The site looks great ChAiNz! The NPC section did take a little longer to load than normal on my cable modem, but I think its worth it. I also checked out the feats section, and I like how you split it up within the sections based on the type of feat. Keep up the good work

Though I can't take credit for the sections, that was already done when I came on board (made my life easier though.. hehehe)....

On a sidenote, it seems the server must have done something screwy, it looks as if it has been "set back" about 3 days??? (just recently maybe?) stingerhs mod report is no longer there that he posted last night... weird...

EDIT: well, hmmm.. maybe it was just my browser cache playing a cruel dirty joke on me ... hehehe

... so I've re-uploaded all the new stuff I've done in the past few days. So now I'm not sure exactly what everyone was seeing.. hehehe.. (now I remember why I archive everything )...

Thanks for the feedback everyone, and Achilles that's a great idea!

I've been visiting other sites, and I have to say weve got alot over at SWK... but there's so much more that can be done (evil ideas abound)... I've already spotted several things the "other guys" have left out.. so I'm trying to beat them to the punch .. hehehe

Keep those ideas rolling!

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